Old Tomb near Changiz Khan's Palace

Old Tomb near Changiz Khan's Palace (Sarje Khan’s Tomb)

Sarje Khan, Sar-i-Naubat, was one among the generals who rose during the reign of King Burhand Nizan Shah-I and continued his service for Husain Nizam Shah-I for a few years. He was buried in Ahmednagar (c 1561A.D.) and his tomb is known as the Do Boti Chira (lit. Two Finger hold). The tomb is rectangular on plan and consists of a square hall provided with two subsidiary chambers on the either side. It can be entered from a central high arch, flanked by two subsidiary arches. The roof is crowned by a full dome (about 30 ft. in height) placed on a lofty circular drum, the phase of transition from the square chamber to the octagon being achieved through squinches. The original scheme of the building did not include walls; hence, it is an open arched hall unlike other enclosed tombs. The building is notable for its chaste simplicity and carries with it an air of impressiveness.